Amane Keito
Amane Keito
Kanji 周 圭斗
Romaji Amane Keito
Personal Info
Age 16
Birthday March 21
Height 163cm
Weight 50kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Year Second Year
Class Class C
Club Affiliation Going Home Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Liver
Dislike Food Prunes
Favorite Subject None
Hobby Strolling around amusement parks at night
Attribute & Cards
Attribute King
Normal (N) 1
High Normal (HN) 1
Rare (R) 12
High Rare (HR) 13
Super Rare (SR) 32
Super Super Rare (SSR) 1
Seiyuu 立花慎之介 (Tachibana Shinnosuke)

About this characterEdit

He seems to dislike crowds, always appearing reluctant when invited on a date. He became extremely popular immediately after his official key visual was released. Due to his hair color, some people call him "Monokuma" (a character from Dangan Ronpa). He has misogyny from a past trauma.


He currently lives with his father. His parents divorced when he was little, and Keito himself reveals that the reason for the divorce was that his mother found him to be a nuisance.

His Twitter[2]

Translated TweetsEdit

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Walk-though ScenarioEdit

???: Urgh... The sunlight is too strong, even here... And it's so noisy...

User: (Is he OK...? )

Voice Japanese English
Amane Keito:
Keito (scenerio)
なに見てんの? どうせボクのこと、薄気味悪いとか思ってんでしょ。....は?ボクの名前が知りたいわけ?なんで?しょうがないから教えてあげるよ。....周圭斗。アンタがこれから、一生忘れらねない名前になるんじゃない?同じ学年なんだし、用があるならアンタから僕のクラス訪ねて来てよ。ボク、明るい時間帯はできるだけ動かないようにしてるからさ。 "What are you looking at? You're probably thinking that I'm creepy, aren't you? ...Huh? You want to know my name? Why? Well, I guess it doesn't hurt to tell you. ...Amane Keito. A name that you will most likely not forget for the rest of your like. Anyhow, we're in the same year. If you need me for something, come to find me. I make it a point to avoid moving around too much when it's still light outside, you see."

User: OK, I got it. Nice to meet you.


Clothing / Expression



Straight Amane Keito Keito-casual (straight)
Smile Keito (smiling)
Sad Keito (sad)
Angry Keito (angry) Keito-casual (angry)
Embarrassed Keito (embarrassed)
Laughing Keito (laughing)
Full body Amane Keito Full Render


  • Keito has appeared in 60 stories.
  • He has featured in BF Mode.
  • He was the first to be featured in SSR card(King).


  1. Some still images are shared by [1]

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