Amane Keito
Keito N1
Card ID: 415
Rarity: N
Cost: 5
Sell for: 150 men
Max.Level: 30
Min. ATK/DEF: 520/480
Max. ATK/DEF: 1833/1692
Skill: None


Amane Keito+
Card ID: 416
Rarity: N
Cost: 5
Sell for: 225 men
Max.Level: 30
Min. ATK/DEF: 624/576
Max. ATK/DEF: 2199/2030
Skill: None


[Mistaken Friend]
Amane Keito
Card ID: 417
Rarity: HN
Cost: 5
Sell for: 450 men
Max.Level: 30
Min. ATK/DEF: 780/720
Max. ATK/DEF: 2748/2563
Skill: None




You're annoying (ウザイんだけど)

How to AcquireEdit

  • Normal Cupid

My PageEdit

Step 1Edit

  • Friends? I have no need for those.
  • Can you not talk to me?
  • Hmph... What's so fun about coming to school?

Step 2~3Edit

  • I cannot trust people. And that includes you.
  • Could you please not concern yourself with me?
  • What a strange girl you are. Go away.

Step 4~5Edit

  • Women... they're all liars. I hate them.
  • I want to be alone. Leave me alone.
  • You are noisy....go somewhere else.

Step 6~7Edit

  • I hope school ends early......
  • Don't care about me. Really, you're strange woman.
  • What's the point of studying?

Step 8Edit

  • If you want to stay there... just do whatever you want.
  • Not bad if it's someone who understands... I'm just talking to myself.
  • I do remember your name now.
  • ....What? Is there something you want with me?
  • Sigh... You're very persistent, I'll give you that. So, what is it?

School AttendanceEdit


Step 1Edit

  • Stop bothering me so early in the morning... Annoying girl you are.
  • So it's morning already... If only morning wouldn't come.
  • I don't feel like saying morning greetings.

Step 2~4Edit

  • I don't like all the hustle and bustle in the morning.
  • I get irritated when I look at the people who are so full of energy in the morning.
  • The sun is too bright. Does it have some personal resentment against me?

Step 5~7Edit

  • You asked me "Did you eat breakfast already?". Why do you ask something like that?
  • Feeling bad. ...... I wonder if I go home today already.
  • I do not want to have lesson on day like this.

Step 8Edit

  • Anemia. I'm getting use to  it you really want to know about me?
  • Good morning ...... What? Is it funny that I greeted you?
  • You looks energetic in the morning. I am saying that I cannot imitate, I do not want to.
  • Do you want to skip class together with me?
  • Chatting with you from morning....not really. If you love it.

After SchoolEdit

Step 1Edit

  • Lunch break .... I wonder shall I sleep in the infirmary.....
  • Really, Studying is no point at all, or rather I hate it.
  • Lunch together with friends? ...... It's ridiculous.

Step 2~4Edit

  • I am in bad mood, I wonder if I leave early.....It's my own convenience, isn't it?
  • The afternoon is worst....I wish night time comes quickly.
  • In precious lunch break of mine, can you not talk?

Step 5~7Edit

  • My lunchbox, whatever is it. Strange woman.
  • Not really, to be understood by others, I don't believe that.
  • Not really ...... I'm better by myself. That makes me feel relieved.


Step 1Edit

  • For me, the day starts sinking.
  • Night, covers the things that I hate.
  • Finally, the night has come....I feel relieved.

Step 2~4Edit

  • Extracurricular activities? Such of thing I am not interested even little.
  • Going home together in group, what is so fun?
  • Nobody in school building, it's not bad.

Step 5~7Edit

  • Meeting you again.... you seems quite free.
  • Homework? Preparation? I don't want to do. Do I look like I'm going to do them?
  • I frequently want home after school. There is no things to do in school.

Step 8Edit

  • Well, see you tomorrow, don't make that surprised face.
  • I want to your crying face, not the face with smile.
  • Since I'm feeling good, what about I'll listen about yourself?
  • After school, what do you do? I...don't really care.
  • I am going back to home soon. Are you not going back home?

Date CommentEdit


Kare JimanEdit

Battle screenEdit

Step 1

  • What a silly fight.....


Step 1Edit

  • Even though I win, I'm not happy. This fight is silly. It would have been better to sleep.


Step 1Edit

  • I lost?......I don't really care. From the start of the fight, I don't feel like doing it at all.

Part time jobEdit

Step 1Edit

  • Working part time together with someone, there is meaning to it. ...... Well, working together with you do not include though.

Step 2~7Edit

  • Part time work is hourly wage goes up as getting use to the work. Did you know that?

Step 8Edit

  • If I accompany you, I can't continue my work. Well, not get bored though.

Likeability Rate Level MAXEdit

Sigh....You have been changing. Usually, I thought you would give up easily. You are really stubborn. Even though I said it's troublesome, you didn't feel discourage at all. If come out again and again, it's annoying. I had no choice but to think about it. It makes me so frustrated, you will have to pay for things you had done. I will definitely make you have a crying face. Get ready for it.

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