Asuma Momota Horse
Asuma Momota
Kanji 遊馬百汰
Romaji Asuma Momota
Personal Info
Age 18
Birthday May 23
Height 250cm
Weight 199kg
Gender Unknown
Blood Type O
Year Tenth year
Club Affiliation Tennis Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Fu*king
Dislike Food Rinto
Favorite Subject Physical Education
Hobby Tennis, moving body, dance game
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Knight
Normal (N) None
High Normal (HN) 1
Rare (R) 13
High Rare (HR) 9
Super Rare (SR) 19
Super Super Rare (SSR) 1
Seiyuu 水島 大宙 (Mizushima Takahiro)

About this charater Edit

“Hi guys”.

Momota is a very manly, awkward guy. His personality is the blame for his unsuccessful life, and is the main cause to him losing communication. He finds it difficult to act around his crushes so he maintains the same attitude which is why others don’t approach him as often as he wishes, therefore he, just like his brother indra, walks around the corridors to capture anyone he wants as he has very large hands that enable him to do so without an issue. He became especially awkward when he found himself on top of guys as a gay man, so decided later in to change himself into a straight a man.

Momota dislikes his brother Rinto due to how he treats him, which leads him to think that Rinto bullies him when he has nothing better to do with his boring life. Momota is disliked because of his personality towards people. Momota seems to think that he gets along with Indra, which is wrong as they barely communicate due to Momota’s personality. Recently he has been thinking that he has the ability to destroy the world “goodbye to this world”. He also approaches himself using the quotes ”woooossppp, woooosssp” and “zoooooooooommmm zoooooooooomm”







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Walk-though ScenarioEdit



Voice Japanese English
Asuma Momota:
Momota (scenario)
君、ホントに大丈夫? 怪我してない?……そっか、良かった。俺は3年の遊馬百汰。特技はテニス! 趣味は身体を動かすこと!卒業後は留学するとかしないとか、そんな話も出てるけど、将来の話なんかはまだ遠すぎて、実感湧かないんだよな。……とにかく校内で会ったら、いつでも声かけてよ。これからよろしくな!



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