BF Mode (BFモード) consist of stories which lead you to become their girlfriend.

① Let's proceed the stories with the boyfriends♪

Close your distance and also create lovey-dovey atmosphere....?

② Attempt to cross the ordeal 'Love Trial'!

In order to proceed to next chapter you need to overcome 'Love Trial' at the end of the chapter!

③ There is multiple ending!

The ending result of which you chose (choices during the story) it'll divided into Friend or Love! Furthermore, there is secret ending...?

④ See the ending to increase the ability!

If you see one ending (either Friend End or Love End), your Oshimen's ability will up permanently! Additional up if you see both endings!

Featured BoyfriendsEdit


Shu Kengo


Toma Motoi


Keito Ikuto

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