Hyuga Minato
Hyuga Minato
Kanji 日向湊
Romaji Hyuga Minato
Personal Info
Age 17
Birthday November 22
Height 175cm
Weight 57kg
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Year Second Year
Class Class D
Club Affiliation Going Home Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Balanced nutrition
Dislike Food Shiitake
Favorite Subject Home Economics
Hobby Making clothing and accessories, human observation
Attribute & Cards
Attribute King
Normal (N) 1
High Normal (HN) 1
Rare (R) 16
High Rare (HR) 14
Super Rare (SR) 18
Super Super Rare (SSR) None
Seiyuu 高橋孝治 (Takahashi Koji)

About this characterEdit

Minato is a young man who loves to create and design clothes and accessories. He has high pride, especially he has absolute confidence in his own sense. He is the type who says something that come up his mind without thinking. Without moving his eyebrows, he has a habit of saying (old man) gag forthrightly.







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Walk-though ScenarioEdit

User: (Wah...what a lovely design....)

???: Are you interested in my design?

Voice Japanese English
Hyuga Minato:
Minato (scenario)
2年D組、日向湊。ファッションデザイナー……に、なる予定。学校にいるときも、家にいるときも、大体デッサン描いてるな……。あんたがファッションに自信つけたいんなら、相談に乗れると思うけど。その代わり正直に言うから、覚悟しといて。そういえば、あんた雰囲気いいな……。オレのモデルになんない? "I am Hyuga Minato, from Class 2D. I planned to be a fashion designer. I roughly draw designs whether in school or at home. If you come to interested in a fashion, I think I could consult you though. I'll tell you honestly, be prepared. Speaking of which, you have a nice atmosphere around you. Can you be my model?"

User: Ok, okay.....if you are satisfied with me, I am glad to cooperate with you.


Minato has appeared in 50 stories.


  1. Some still images are shared by [1]

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