[Close Friends]
Mibu Taiga
Taiga SR4
Card ID: 3332
Rarity: SR
Cost: 14
Sell for: 20000 men
Max.Level: 60
Min. ATK/DEF: 2784/2675
Max. ATK/DEF: 8525/8190
Skill: Greatly increase Prince & Knight type's attack


[With the Best Smile]
Mibu Taiga
Card ID: 3333
Rarity: SSR
Cost: 14
Sell for: 60000 men
Max.Level: 70
Min. ATK/DEF: 4176/4013
Max. ATK/DEF: 12787/12286
Skill: Greatly increase Prince & Knight type's attack


Voice Japanese English
Not released yet 勉強ばっかだし、身体動かしたかったんだ! "I do nothing but study, I wanted to move my body!"


Something that makes serious about (マジになれる何か)

How to AcquireEdit

  • Cupid (Close Friends -Takatsukasa & Mibu-HOP・STEP Cupid)

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