Takatsukasa Masaomi
Takatsukasa Masaomi
Kanji 鷹司 正臣
Romaji Takatsukasa Masaomi
Personal Info
Age 18
Birthday November 3
Height 183cm
Weight 68kg
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Year Third Year
Class A
Club Affiliation Going Home Club
Likes & Dislikes
Favorite Food Rice with grilled meat sauce on top Secret
Dislike Food Melon
Favorite Subject Good at all subjects
Hobby None
Attribute & Cards
Attribute Prince
Normal (N) 1
High Normal (HN) None
Rare (R) 5
High Rare (HR) 12
Super Rare (SR) 38
Super Super Rare (SSR) 1
Seiyuu 谷山 紀章 (Taniyama Kishō)

About this characterEdit

Masaomi aka ’Indra’ is a very bad tempered, stuck up man. He is known for being moody and following his fellow crushes around the building, taking them to his red luxury bedroom and sleeping with them. He doesn’t get along with both his siblings Momota and Rinto. He thinks Momota is awkward to approach and Rinto is an angry obnoxious chav. He has a fear of teddy bears which is very childish due to his physique and character. Indra is known to be Bi. He is a member of the #LGBTQ. He thinks he’s a very attractive man, and expects everyone to fall for him, yet he still follows everyone as he is desperate for bedding.

He sings most of the vocals fro his band Tap That, and bends to almost look like an upside down bridge when it’s his turn to sing. He has a girly voice when he sings, but talks like a boy who just broke his voice.

He gets in trouble with teachers along with his rebel brothers which leads to them being sent to the naughty room. This makes people around him uncomfortable as it does not fit in with how he is portrayed as a character. His spawning location is his bedroom and the Canteen where he looks for his prey. He spends his time lurking around the halls and corridors to grab anyone he wishes could give him satisfaction. He once tried it on with his little brother Rinto, even though he pretends he hates him.







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Voice Japanese English
Takatsukasa Masaomi:
Masaomi (scenario)


Masaomi has appeared in 57 stories.

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