Edition - Memorable Meeting of January 2016 -
Start: 24 January 2016 16:00
End: 31 January 2016 13:59

How to playEdit

Talk to the Boyfriend and get along well.Get closer to him by giving him presents. When you give the Boyfriends a present, the Nakayoshi Level rises, and you will get Familiarity Points! Get more Familiarity Points than your rival and receive special rewards.

Point ①

Memo pt 1

Raise the Boyfriends Nakayoshi Level. When you give a present, the Nakayoshi Gauge increases♪ When you fill the Gauge, you will receive rewards♪

Point ②

Memo pt 2

Clearing all four boyfriends' Nakayoshi Level one by one every time, you'll have a chance to talk to Rare Boyfriend♪ 1.5 times Approaching points when he takes your presents!

Point ③

Memo pt 3

Get Familiarity Points and aim for the Highest Ranking! As you receive more Familiarity Points, you'll get rewards. And ... if you get a high ranking, you can get SR Memorial Photo☆

Point ④

Memo pt 4

Gather ribbons and let's go exchange them. You'll find the ribbons during "Present to Boyfriend Time"♪ Exchange those ribbons to get Memorable Boyfriend ticket☆

Point ⑤

Memo pt 5

Collect the Photos of Memorable Meeting and deliver to the Boyfriend! You can pick up the help item while talking to your boyfriends♪ UP the individual cooperation level & club cooperation level to get rewards!

Event TipsEdit

Event Tips No.1

Memo Tip 1

Get lots of Familiarity Points during LoveLove Present Time! Increase the Nakayoshi Gauge a lot!If you are in LoveLove Present Time, you'll get more points than you would during normal present time!

Event Tips No.2

Memo Tip 2

Fill the LoveLove Gauge until MAX to get LoveLove Mode for ten minutes. If you have specific assist boyfriend, it will be more easier to fill the Gauge♪

Event Tips No. 3

Memo Tip 3

If you give DX Memorial NoteDX memorable note, you'll 100% receive Super Familiarity Points! What's more get 5 ribbons!

Event Tips No. 4

Memo Tip 4

Using a lot of DX Memorial Notes will give more Approaching points!

1 DX Memorial Notes + 2 times the points

3 DX Memorial Notes + 8 times the points

5 DX Memorial Notes + 12 times the points

Login PhrasesEdit

Day 1


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Meet the boyfriends in the eventEdit

Seishiro SR9 Ren SR11 Kyoichiro SR8 Aoi SR9 Ruka SR7 Toma SR9 Rikyo SR17

Assisted BoyfriendsEdit

  • If you have Assisted Boyfriends, accessible pt will be plus which you can earn during the present time!
  • Just by having Assisted Boyfriends, they will plus your Approaching pt during the present time and LoveLove Present Time ☆
  • The more Assisted Boyfriends stepped, they can multiple yourApproaching pt♪
  • With specific assist boyfriend, it will be more easier to fill the Gauge!
Kai SR11 Masaomi SR12 Taiga HR3 Kishin HR13 Haru R8

[Step 1] 42pt plus

[Step 2] 84pt plus

[Step 3] 126pt plus


[Step 1] 33pt plus

[Step 2] 67pt plus

[Step 3] 100pt plus


[Step 1] 12pt plus

[Step 2] 24pt plus

[Step 3] 36pt plus


[Step 1] 15pt plus

[Step 2] 30pt plus

[Step 3] 45pt plus


[Step 1] 6pt plus

[Step 2] 12pt plus

[Step 3] 18pt plus

Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 70pt plus

[Step 2] 140pt plus

[Step 3] 210pt plus

Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 56pt plus

[Step 2] 112pt plus

[Step 3] 168pt plus

Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 25pt plus

[Step 2] 50pt plus

[Step 3] 75pt plus

Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 20pt plus

[Step 2] 40pt plus

[Step 3] 60pt plus

Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 10pt plus

[Step 2] 20pt plus

[Step 3] 30pt plus

Super Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 400pt plus

[Step 2] 800pt plus

[Step 3] 2000pt plus

Super Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 320pt plus

[Step 2] 640pt plus

[Step 3] 1600pt plus

Super Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 120pt plus

[Step 2] 180pt plus

[Step 3] 450pt plus

Super Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 96pt plus

[Step 2] 144pt plus

[Step 3] 360pt plus

Super Rapidly Approaching

[Step 1] 50pt plus

[Step 2] 75pt plus

[Step 3] 150pt plus

LoveLove Gauage

[Step 1] plus 1

[Step 2] plus 2

[Step 3] plus 4

LoveLove Gauage

[Step 1] -

[Step 2] plus 1

[Step 3] plus 2

LoveLove Gauage

[Step 1] -

[Step 2] plus 1

[Step 3] plus 2

LoveLove Gauage

[Step 1] -

[Step 2] -

[Step 3] plus 1

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