It's Valentine's Day soon☆Talk with the boyfriends you are interested in and level UP your familiarity♪

How to Play

Event Rules

Talk to the Boyfriend and get along well.Get closer to him by giving him presents. When you give the Boyfriends a present, the Nakayoshi Level rises, and you will get Familiarity Points! Get more Familiarity Points than your rival and receive special rewards.

Point 1

Raise the Boyfriends Nakayoshi Level. When you give a present, the Nakayoshi Gauge increases. When you fill the Gauge, you will receive that Boyfriend.

Point 2

Get Familiarity Points and aim for the Highest Ranking! As you receive more Familiarity Points, you'll get rewards. And ... if you get a high ranking, you can receive the Limited Edition Boyfriend!

Event Tips

Event Tips No.1

Get lots of Familiarity Points during LoveLove Present Time! Increase the Nakayoshi Gauge a lot! If you are in LoveLove Present Time, you'll get more points than you would during normal present time!

Event Tips No.2

During LoveLove Mode the occurance of LoveLove Present Time is greatly Increased! You'll definitely get Super Familiarity if you give a present. LoveLove Present Time is increased for ten minutes.

Event Tips No. 3

If you give Expensive Chocolate, you'll 100% receive Super Familiarity Points!


Upon Login:

1日目 西園寺蓮 毎年この時期の女性は、より美しく輝いていますね。とても素敵です。 フフ。ついにバレンタインですね。告白の準備はよろしいですか?
Day 1 Saionji Ren Girls always look more beautiful this time of year. It's lovely. Heheh. It's finally Valentine's day. Are you prepared to confess?
2日目 桃越ハル 最近、校内がそわそわしてるかも。女の子は大変だね。応援しているよ。 チョコをくれる子は、みんな大好き。……でも今年はキミだけが好き。
Day 2

Momokoshi Haru

The school is in an uproar lately. Poor girls. I'm cheering you on. Everyone loves getting chocolate ... but this year I only like you.
3日目 桜沢瑠風 ねぇ……。あまーいチョコを、僕が先輩に食べさせてあげましょうか? せんぱぁい。バレンタインチョコ、楽しみにしてますねぇ♪
Day 3

Sakurazawa Ruka

Hey Senpai, will you feed me some of that yummy chocolate? Senpa~i, I'm looking forward to your Valentine's chocolate.

Miyanokoshi Ryota:

Normal Phrase:

Lv1 学校中がそわそわして、こっちまでそわそわしてしまいますね。俺は……バレンタインとは無縁ですけど……。
The whole school is restless, even over here. Valentine's has got nothing to do with me, though ...
Lv1 白いご飯も好きですが、甘いものも大好きです。エネルギーチャージにちょうどいいんですよ。
I love rice, but I love sweets too. Just right for an energy charge.
Lv1 今まで陸上ばかりだったので、こういうイベント事には疎くて……すみません。
Up until now I've only really done athletics, so I don't know much about this kind of event ... Sorry.
Lv1 バレンタインには、母と小学6年生の妹が毎年かかさず手作りチョコをくれるんです。
My Mother and my sister who is in the 6th grade give me chocolate each year.
Lv2 小さい頃って、チョコ味の歯磨き粉に憧れませんでしたか?病院の薬もチョコ味になればいいのにって思ってました。
When you were little, did you always want to eat chocolate frosting? I always thought it would be great if the medicine at the hospital tasted like chocolate.
Lv2 プレゼントを女性からいただくのって、なんだか照れてしまいますね。でも、特別って感じがして嬉しいです。
I get kind of embarrassed when girls give me presents. But it seems special so I'm happy.
Lv2 知ってますか?チョコって、元々薬として用いられていたそうですよ。今は恋の妙薬になってるみたいですね。

Did you know chocolate used to originally be used as medicine? It's like a sort of 'Medicine of Love' now.

Lv2 女性は甘いものが好きだと聞きますが……先輩も甘いもの好きですか?俺、先輩の好きなものを知りたいです。
I heard that girls like sweets but ... Do you like sweets too Senpai? I want to know what kinds of things you like.
Lv3 チョコじゃなくても、俺は先輩がくれたものならなんだってうれしいです。たとえば、その笑顔とか。
I like receiving anything from you, Senpai, not just chocolate. For example, smiles and such...
Lv3 あまりバレンタインの思い出、というのはないのですが……今年は、先輩と一緒に思い出がつくれたら嬉しいです。
I don't really have any Valentine's memories... If I can make memories with you this year, Senpai, I'll be happy.
Lv3 ハート型のチョコって、女性らしくてとてもかわいいですよね。あっ……さ、催促しているわけではないんです!
Heart-shaped chocolate is cute, just like girls are. Oh!... I-I'm not asking for any or anything!
Lv3 子供の頃、チョコを食べ過ぎて虫歯になって以来、歯磨きはきちんとするようになりました。
When I was a kid, I ate too much chocolate and didnt brush properly, so I got cavities.
LvMAX 俺がチョコをもらいたい相手、ですか?それはもちろん……や、やっぱり、恥ずかしいので秘密です。言えません。
is there someone I want to give chocolate to? Of course... B-But its embarrassing so it's a secret. I'm not telling.
LvMAX 俺、映画鑑賞が趣味なんです。バレンタインの日はカップル割があるらしくて……よかったら一緒に見に行きませんか?
My hobby is watching movies. They seem to have a 'couples rate' on Valentine's day ... If its alright, will you go with me?
LvMAX あれ?先輩の体から、なんだか甘い香りがしますね……。オレ、こう見えて結構鼻が利くんです。この香りは確か……。
Huh? You smell kind of good, Senpai... I have a pretty good sense of smell. This fragrance is definitely ...
LvMAX みんなの緊張感が俺にまで伝染ってしまったみたいです。さっきから、先輩といると胸が苦しくて……。
Everyone's excitement seems to have gotten to me too. Since a little while ago, when I'm with you, my chest hurts ...

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